Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Economy's Direct Hit!

This is a freebie I got from Dover. So click on it and then right click to save the Image. About 2-3 weeks ago Matt got laid off from his job. I was having such a good outlook that maybe the Economy wasn't going to hit me directly. Mind you I wasn't being arrigant. Just the feeling of safety, that Matt's job was secure.

So now I am off on a new adventure. I am basically moving to a place that I have felt was home for me. Indiana here I come. I am going to revamp my Blogs. So look for some fun coming. I have a renewed sense of hope. I am getting close to my 100th Post, plus my Blogaversary. So I am going to have some great giveaways. So please stick around, to check out the new Adventures that my life is bringing me.
I hope that your days are full of joy and love in the days to come.
I am off to pack up. Got a new house already to move into.
Pictures and more to come!
Have A Great Day!
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~ Jennifer

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Gotta Love Martha!

You Gotta love what Martha Stewart and her company comes up with! This is a cool link to make a Sock Skeleton! Don't you just love that Idea? I couldn't resist posting this as soon as Martha's show was over today! She also has some amazing soup recipes. I love soup in the winter. There is nothing better than a hot bowl of soup and some crusty bread and sitting all snuggled up with a great Book!

This picture is from Martha's site. This is the sock Skeleton! So here is the Link! I am going to make some! I think they are so cute. Plus with kids around you don't have to worry about it getting broken. Martha also is dedicating all the crafts this month to Halloween Decor! So go check it out and have fun!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday! Miss Lily!

I can not believe that it has been 1year! A year ago this beautiful little girl came into my life. It was an amazing experience. What a year it has been. I think sometimes it was just yesterday she was a newborn, then somedays it seems I can not remember a day without her. She has brightened up everyone who comes into contact with her. She has a million and one different smiles. I am sure she has a million and one to still be discovered. She is walking and getting into everything and is so curious about the world. I love that Alina and Druce love her just as much as she loves them.

Thank you Miss Lily for coming to our Family! I can not wait to celebrate more with you and see how you grow! {Not too fast!}
Thank You for stopping by! 
Have a Great Day! Best Wishes for a wonderful Day! I know that I am having one today!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun Freebie!

This is a free Image I received from Dover. I have a link to sign up for it on my Freebie Pink Saturday Post. I thought this would be a fun one to post. So click on the picture. Then right click on it, then click Save As. Then it is yours. I have liked some of the free things that Dover has sent me. These can be used for so many things. So have fun with it.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday! A Pink Cause!

I have come across this great cause! It is a great way to celebrate Pink while helping women and children. I have been so involved in my own life lately, that when I came across this wonderful Project I thought it was perfect.

It is called the Pink Slipper Project. It makes Slippers for women and children in Battered Womens Shelters. Some of these women and children leave with barely the clothes on there back. What a wonderful way to give them a bit of something special. This project has many ways to help. They also give you many patterns to choose from to make. They have patterns that are meant for sewing and others for crocheting and knitting also. They have lists of material to be donated. What a wonderful way to support other women. So check this Project out! I am going to try and really get involved in this as much as I can. So please spread the word about this. Go to their site and get involved.

I have to give a big Thank You to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday! Stop by her blog and see all the other wonderful Pink Ladies out there.

Have A Great Day! Thank You for visiting my blog. Take A moment everyday to look around you and be so Thankful for what we have!

Happy Pink Wishes To All!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday Freebies!

Well it is another great Pink Saturday! I am doing something I normally wouldn't do on this blog. I am doing Image Freebies. I am very sad my only digital camera, and it was Pink, is no longer with us. I am very sad, not defeated! I am going to just have to be creative about my posts!                                                                                   

Now these Images are Freebies that I have gotten from Dover Publications. To sign up to receive free images every week follow this Link!

(Click on any of the images to see a larger size, then right-click to save)

I thought these were beautiful and charming bits of Pink to share. I have to say Thank You to Beverly! She hosts this Pink Day! So go visit her blog and check out all the other lovely Pink blogs out there!

Thank You for stopping by! I hope your day is Wonderful and full of Pink!!

Have A Great Day!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super Quick Cookies!

Quite a while ago I was at church in a class and we were asked how often we make cookies. Well, along with one other women, we were the only ones left standing that we made cookies at lest once a week. I didn't tell anyone that there are times I make cookies 2-3 times a week. Now I don't always make dozens upon dozens at a time. I also don't buy the ready made dough. I really like makeing them myself and adding what I want to them. So I had stumbled upon a great Cheat for making cookies quick and easy and the possibilites are endless. I make them with a cake mix. Depending on the mix depends what the cookies will be. Like I said endless possibilities.
I am going to give you the recipe then a few suggestions of what I have done and how they have turned out.
Yellow Cake Cookies
1 Yellow Cake Mix
1/3 cup of oil
1/4 water
1 Egg
1 1/2 to 2 cups of chocolate chips or
Mix in a Bowl with spoon.Drop by Spoonfuls onto a greased cookie sheet, or
form into balls and roll in sugar. Bake in oven at 350 degrees F for 14-16 min.
Tip #1 I try the cookies at 8 min then check to see if they need more time to bake.
Tip #2 I also split the chips and put half of Peanut butter chips and half chocolate.
Tip#3 I have tried a Devils Food Cake Mix and rolled it in Powdered Sugar and made chocolate crinkle cookies.
Tip#4 For a healthy version try a carrot cake mix and add rasins instead of chips plus amp it up with Nuts.
Tip#5 roll them in cinnamon and sugar and have quick Snickerdoodles.
These cookies are amazingly simple quick and you can get some done from start to finish less then 30 min.I have many times found myself needing to take a plate of cookies at the last minute. This has saved me many times. It is so simple that you can whip up a quick treat for the kid after school.
A few years ago there was this commercial that had a Mom who made Rice Crispy Treats and then splashed flour on her apron and face to look like she had labored over these treats forever. I thought these cookies are exactly like that. You hardly do anything and it looks like you spent tons of time.
Now I have some awesome cookie tips to make your cookies turn out perfect everytime.
Tip#1 Is to use, what I call a cookie scooper! They are super easy and insure that you get very uniform cookies everytime. Plus less mess when you are in a hurry. With 3 kids and one of them a baby this is a huge plus for me. I have 3 scoops!
{They have a super cheap one on Amazon. Here is the Link.}

Tip#2 After I pull out a pan of cookies. I let it cool slightly. You are less likely to have broken cookies.
Tip#3 I also put my cookie sheets in the freezer in between baking and before applying the dough. It makes the cookies cook evenly. So no more burnt bottoms.

I hope I have helped make things simple for you. I am a busy Mom and I like to do things from scratch. This little trick helps to make it very easy to do so. So next time you need to Greet a new family that just moved in or someone is sick or just had a baby. Just pull out a cake mix use your imagination, and Dazzle everyone with your Homemade Cookies!

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Have A Great Day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

I have been trying to craft as much as I can lately. I have gotten everything worked out finally. I was having problems with my school's Financial Aid department. I was going to be able to go into the program I wanted to. Well it actually has worked itself out. I am just going to be going full time in January. So I will be a few months behind schedule, but that is totally OK. I get to go that is what counts.

So in all my crafting that I am doing I snuck in some Pink!!! I have been doing Halloween decorations. I think if I don't see anymore Black Glitter and Black and Orange Scrapbooking paper I will be OK.

This First piece is a Twinchie. I am going to have it on my other blog The Rusty Tiara for a challenge I am doing.
I think the saying speaks volumes! Everything looks better in Pink!

My second piece is from Stampington and Company's Tempting Templates. It is the Dressmakers Template. I am thinking of doing 2 more in shades of pink and maybe mounting them in a shadow box. I like how it turned out.
I want to say Thank You to Beverly, for all the effort she puts into doing Pink Saturday. So stop by her blog and she all the Pinky goodness that happens every Saturday!
Thank You for stopping by.
Have A Great Weekend, full of fun and lots of Pink!

Alice In Wonderland Tag Swap!

I found a wonderful fun blog the other day. It is La Vintage. It is such a fun blog. Arielle is doing an Alice In Wonderland Tag Swap. She is needing more people to sign up. The fun thing about the Swap is she has broken it down into the different Characters in the story. I Think it is going to be so much fun. So if your interested stop by her blog and check out the Swap!

Either click on the button on my side bar or any of the other links in this post to get to her page.

Have A Great Day!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Tag Swap!!

I have been participating in a great Tag Swap! It is hosted by Jenny at Lipstick and Laundry. Jenny has such a Fun blog. Go check her out and she what fun she is up to.

We were broken up into a group of 4. This was so much fun and crazy for me. I had to pack and move very quick. So it put me a bit behind in doing my tags. I finally got them done. I love all the tags I got in return. It is so cool to see how when given a set of ideas how everyone creates things so differently. This Swap was for July, August, and September.

My first Tag Partner who was in my last Tag Swap is Katie Dial. She has a great blog. You need to go check out what she is up to.
My next Swap Partner was Laura. She has a fun blog, you have to go check her blog out.
My last Swap Partner was Shelly. She really did some fun tags. I love how every tag is different.
These are the tags that I created this time around. I tried to think of something that reminded me of the month. Then I tried to create a tag that would fit the month.
I have really enjoyed doing these Tags and Swapping them. If you are interested in Participating, Contact Jenny at her blog. It has really been a lot of fun.
Thank You for stopping by!
Have A Great Day!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flea Market Finds!

Well, the kids and I ventured out today. I have actually set up a nest in the Living Room since the kids started school over a week ago. I need Fresh Air, Food, laughter and most of all 3 kids by myself. Leashes! LOL Ok Just kidding before someone calls Child Services on me! Well there were tons of Vendors with food and all kinds of things. It is basically a huge organized Yard Sale. It is amazing and it was hot and I got some sun! I ended up, with buying drinks, only spending $10! I was so proud of myself!

First off Yes those are Real Georgia Peaches Ya'll!!! The fresh green beans and white potatoes are going to be Sunday Dinner with my nice Roast!

Ok. Now if you get scared easily turn your head Now! I got this diamond in the rough for $2. I know your thinking U-G-L-Y! Wait Picture it after me and my Spray Paint get to it! I am going paint it this afternoon. Well maybe after I hit the Sonic for Happy Hour! I need some powerful Picker- upper after a Sunny filled Day!

Thanks for stopping by and Have an Awesome Fun and Sun filled day! If it isn't Sunny where you are I will send the wonderful Georgia Sun your way!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miss Lily is 10 Months Old!

I know that lately my posts have been about the kids. I had to post that Miss Lily is 10 months old today! I love being able to have this as a memory looking back. She has changed so much. She is such a sweet and fun spirited child. She laughs all the time. {Although as I am posting this she is tired and fighting sleep} Figures that they know your talking about them and how cute they are, and they prove you wrong!!
I can't imagine it without this wonderful little Girl! Her brother and sister think she hangs the Moon. Lily feels the same way about them. I really don't take any credit for how my kids are. I swear they are these wonderful little people in spite of their Crazy Mom!! All kidding aside, I feel lucky everyday to have my children in my life everyday!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing with the Girls!

I thought it was so cute today. Druce was asleep and the Girls wanted to play with Skippy! Lily is walking around holding onto things really well now. Skippy has grown too. I love how well they were playing together. Skippy kept licking Lily in the face and then running off. Of Course she was giggling so hard! It was the sweetest thing. I just had to share, it seemed like a shame to keep it all to myself!
Lily coming to me after she was totally done with the dog!

A full picture of her standing! :) I am proud. After this picture was taken she fell over. At least I got the shot!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sick Computers And What To Do!

Well as you know I have had quite a rough weekend with my computer!! Well anyway it is all ok now. Just had some nasty Malware on the computer. For those of you{Like me} who are totally computer challenged, there are awesome programs out there. Well first off Malware is what they use to call a Trojan Horse. Well getting Malware on your computer can be a big problem. It also can slow your computer way down and redirect you to different websites. It can also get you to a point of locking your computer down. There are many Programs that will give you free scans and removal. This is great to try, because they basically are giving you a free trial of their product! Most of these services are very reasonably priced. So find one that works for you!
So healthy surfing to you all! Be Careful out there!
Thanks for stopping by and for the Birthday wishes!
Have A Great Day!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Computer Problems!

For whatever reason I am having major computer problems. I was unable to get my Pink Saturday Post up. I am having to post this not at home. So I only have a few minutes to put it together. I am hoping to have this taken care of by Monday!

Have A Great Weekend!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Girl Pink Saturday!

Well it is another Pink Saturday! I am totally doing an easy Post! I thought that I would take pictures of the Little Pink Baby Girl! I purchased this top at the TJ Maxx for $2.99. It was too cute to pass up! So I thought for this Pink Saturday I would do a few pics of Miss Lily all in Pink!
{What A Smile!}
{ This is her favorite thing to do as of late. Can't get the fingers out of her mouth!}

{Miss Lily attempting a Smile!}

{This really is showing her personality!}
I need to say Thank You to Beverly for hosting this wonderful event! Stop by her blog and take a look at all the other Pink girls and there blogs!
Thank You for stopping by! Have A Great Day filled with Pink!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pillow Inspiration!

I was inspired by something I saw in the July Issue of Country Living! I loved the Post Card Pillow they show in this issue. I had come across quite a few scanned in copies of Post Cards!

I went to Walmart and purchased Ink jet Transfer Paper. It wasn't too pricey. I also am going to make a few more pillows and put them in a basket on my bedside table's self. Now I found this incredible Blog that has fun images and challenges on it. It is called Art-e-ology! I love it! The Artwork is amazing. Plus the images are too!

Now the thing about using the Iron-on transfer is that you need to have software that will print the image in reverse for you! Just a tip. You kinda don't want to waste the paper. :)

Here is my pillow all done. Ok so my Pillow skills are not the best. So don't look too close! LOL
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Have A Great Day!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Unpacking Tips!

I have tons of packing tips, but I am eluded by the unpacking. I have no tips other than living in a Sea full of boxes. So I am in need of unpacking tips? So send me your ideas. Let me know what you do to get thru the whole process! I will be posting fun stuff very soon!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! Come back really soon!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cheap And Easy Moving Tips!

Moving is never an easy time for anyone. It is trying to tame a tornado into boxes!! :) I have had to move myself many times. I have picked up a few tricks that I thought would be helpful to pass on. First I always make sure I have plenty of packing materials. Wine boxes and other liquor boxes are really sturdy and great to hold books. Sturdy used boxes are always a great find!

I also use huge sharpies and try to color code each room. So in a glance you can tell right away that a box is in the wrong room without having to read what is in the box. I also develop a code that is simple and tells me what is in the box.

Now for my great cheap find, and I think my best tip is the packing paper. Call your local newspaper and ask if you could buy their END ROLLS! We got three and bought them for $1 a piece.

I actually got a good amount! There is no ink on these, so that it doesn't rub off on your stuff.

Well I hope this is helpful to make your next move a bit easier! Thank You for stopping by! Come back and visit soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Recession Spending!!

We out grew our old Dinner Table.It only sat 4 People at a time. I didn't have any money and I needed to get a new Table. There is a used Furniture Store. They Buy, Sell and Trade. Well I have noticed it is better to trade you get more for your money on a trade.

{This is the Table we traded}
{We recovered the chairs so that way the Trade was a better Value.}
This is my Fabulous New/Used Table! I am so In Love, Love, with this table. It is Traditional with a Modern Feel to it! The Chairs are beautiful and really heavy and Sturdy. Which is so in need with Kids!! :)
These are the cool chairs. I love the tops of the chairs. I Love the spindles.

I think that in today's economic times it pays off to use alternative forms of buying things. It never hurts to ask about trading. Well I am glad that I was able to get exactly what I want!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday! Showing The Pink Love!

I know it has been awhile since I have been regularly posting. Well what a better way then to kick start myself again then on Pink Saturday! I made a necklace this week. I found this totally cool Phrase! It was befitting for Pink Saturday! "I'm In The Pink" I felt that it just says it all for me!! :)
I even used sheer Pink ribbon for the necklace.
The back shows, so I used a Glittery "J" !

I wanted to make each of the kids a small Initial wall in their rooms. This is one I did for Miss Lily!
I love the close up of the paper it is so sweet!

Well I had to end my Post with one of my favorite Pink Girls. I really need to get both of my Girls all dressed up in Pink and get a picture of it! Maybe even get a Pink shirt on my son! O.K. That might not go over too well!! LOL

I wanted to Thank Beverly for her hosting this wonderful event every Saturday! So drop by her blog and check it out and stop by and see all the other Pink Fun!!

Thank You to all of you that stop by and visit. I had oral surgery and then everyone got the stomach flu. {Even Miss Lily :( }
I have been so bad about getting back to everyone commenting. Thank You for your time and Patience with me.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! Have A Great Day Filled with PINK!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pink Saturday Goodies!

It is another Pink Saturday! It has been a crazy week and I am so glad that it is Pink Saturday!!!
Well I have some goodies that I bought this week. I found these cute Pink pens at our local Walmart. The candy sprinkles coin purse I got for 99 Cents. I made the pink hair clip for Miss Lily! We have the cutest Toy Store here and that is where I got the cute Pink Dice! I couldn't resist them{They were Pink after all}.

The first blogging friend that I made was Beth. {Stop by and visit her blog she is so much fun.} I had sent her some selvage edges, and she sent me this really cool package of material and some other fun goodies too! Thank You so much Beth!
This is a cute Hobby Lobby find. It was such a good price I had to take a picture of it to show you.
See unbelievable, only $1.59! It is getting a bit of a spruce up and going into the Girls room!
This bit of material is some that Beth sent me. I love the Retro feel to it. I found this cute Summer style drees to make Miss Lily. I am going to use the cute material she sent me.
I had to take a pic of Miss Lilly from a couple of weeks ago. She was just sitting there with me while i was doing Pink Saturday. I couldn't think of anything cuter than Miss Lily sittin in her Pink Bumbo!!
She was keeping me company. Then she decided to feed the box her munchy snack!! What A Girl!!
Thank You Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday! Stop by her blog and see all the other ladies who Participate in Pink Saturday! It is such a wonderful group we have, and they are so much fun to visit!
Thank You for stopping by and visiting for a bit!
I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Stop back by soon!