Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pink Dollar Frame!

I wanted to post what I did with the Pink Dollar Frame I got from the Dollar bin at the Michael's near us. I love the frame, but I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it.

I had these wood letters that were magnets from the Dollar Trees. I had taken the magnets off of the back of them and sanded them down and painted them white. So i decided to cover it in glitter. A little glitter never hurt anyone!

I had to take the shiny, cheap plastic off and it detached the back of the frame from one side, I tacky glued it back into place. It was only a Dollar so I figured if it turns out too bad it was only a Dollar and a bit of paper and glitter.

Well it turned out well i think and I put it on my nightside table. "J" for Jennifer how could I go wrong?! I think I have a thing about letters lately? LOL I hope you enjoyed. Have a nice day!

Dancing Shoes!

When I was younger I took Tap, Ballet and Jazz! I love to dance still! One of the things I like is that my Mother kept these shoes. They are one of my early pairs and she gave me a pair of my Tap shoes also! So when Hobby Lobby had their frames and shadowboxes on sale for 50% off. I took advantage of displaying my shoes. Next I have to work on framing my recital programs!

I Sepiaed the original Picture! I actually like how it turned out! I just thought it was something fun from my past that I still Love to do!

Monday, February 23, 2009

It is all in the "K"

Well I have been trying to complete projects that I have had laying around the house. I have had the K for awhile then I came across the perfect paper! So then a little paint, a little paper, and a little glue, and then end results are a cute K.

Food Love It or Hate It?! The Jury is Still Out!

This is further proof that my Lil-a-bug is getting bigger! I just gave her the first solid food of her life.Ok had to wipe away a tear and am sniffing now. :( Well I know that she has to grow up, but i wish it could be a bit slower.

The TV is distracting her again! You can tell she isn't sure about the Rice cereal. Oh, well she didn't totally hate it either! So maybe there is hope yet!

Bumbo Love!

Lily has discovered the Love of the Bumbo! She loves her Bumbo! It is pink that is Love right there. The only down side to the bumbo is that she has discovered the TV! It doesn't help that her Mommie is a TV addict! She loves to play and the Bumbo really gives her more abbility to play! They didn't have these when my older ones were little. I don't know how i did without this wonderful thing! So we have total Bumbo Love over here!

(The Grin says it all!)

See the TV is right above my head while taking the pics! So of course what do you think she was looking at, not me! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

It Is Pink Saturday! Go For Pink!

Well it is another Pink Saturday! I look forward to Pink Saturday all week! I try to think of something different every week and have at least something I make mixed with something I find! Hopefully some good deals in the mix! Well I got to some of my cute fabrics this week. I used the cupcake fabric to make Miss Lily a tab filled snugly blankie. Then I found this cute Baby Strawberry Shortcake fabric. I just hemmed the edges to make a big receiving blanket! I used an iron-on cupcake for a cute T-Shirt for Miss Lily!

These plates were a Target find! They are melamine and were like $2.00 a piece. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet. The table cloth behind the plates was a clearance find from Bed, Bath & Beyond. The name of it was Party Dress! I had to get it, if only for the cute name and the fact that it had the Pink and Green that I use in my kitchen.

These are my $1.00 bin finds at Michael's. Coasters and a frame! Pink of course! I am thinking of making a storage box for the coasters. Pink hopefully and maybe I can get it done by next Saturday!

To end this post I wanted to show you my newest Marie Osmond Doll! Her name is Betsy Bubbles and I love the cute little Pink Pinafore!

Well I hope you have enjoyed my Pink Posts! I hope you have a great Pink Saturday! Please stop by Beverly's Blog and say Hello and visit all the other Pink Saturday Bloggers. I am so glad you stopped by and have a Great Day full of Pink!

Miss Lily and Her Sassyness!

I had a long day of errand running and I was getting Lily ready and I put her onsie on the side of her crib. Well I turned back around and she was hugging on it like a blankey. I quickly grabbed my camera. I had to giggle it was too cute. Then I proceeded to get her dressed and well she hated that I put the bow on her. She was too cute, but it is sad at a young age she has an opinion about what she has put on her.

We Are Rolling!

I am so excited! Lily is only barely 4mo. old and she is rolling! We put her down on the floor, then she sucks on her fingers a bit and then she rolls to the side. Then she will roll to her back, and suck on the fingers some more. Then she will roll over to her tummy and rub her face on the floor and cry. She is now got the hang of it and is rolling from her front to her back then to her front again.

I am just so proud of the little monkey! Miss Lily is getting too big way too quick for me!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Pink Saturday! Well I am so Happy to have another Pink Saturday! I didn't get much of a chance to look at other Pink posts. I woke up last Saturday morning to a very sick baby girl. Then the rest of the week, the rest of the children followed along with myself. So my post for this Pink Saturday is going to be some of the Pinks that I live with everyday! I am hoping to get to my fun Pink fabrics this week to show you the finished products next week!

I have to start this off with the toally cute card that my Son made for Valentine's Day. (He asked if I was going to put it on the computer) How could I refuse such a cute face! So Happy Valentines Day from my son to everyone!
I love converse shoes, but as you can tell my Pink ones are very loved and well worn. I found this Pink Converse purse at Target 3 days ago, and am totally in love with it!

This is the shelf above my night side table. My little doll on the bench is Pink Head to toe!

My nightside table! It is actually painted in a very subtle pink!

My favorite body spray, my favorite glosses, my MP3 player and earbuds, my favorite game, all in Pink!

Now my Kitchen is Pink and Green! My 2 favorite colors!

I just got these plates 3 days ago at Target! I loved the plate rack and had gotten it for 50% off at the Hobby Lobby and had been looking for just the right plates to go on it! I have a confession they are Melamine! Isn't that great I only payed $1.50 a piece for them!

One of my Newest Dolls! It is part of my Valentines Gifts and I couldn't leave her out!

I love this Cookie Jar! My son can't understand why we don't ever put cookies in it! I told him that one day maybe his wife could explain it to him. I just go the "Oh, Mom!" look!

Well I wanted to end this post, from our sick but on the mend household, with a smile! This is one of my favorite Pink things in the house!

I hope you have a Fun, wonderful, full of Pink day! I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!
Make sure you tell the people you Love that you Love them everyday and not just today! Thanks again Beverly for this wonderful chance to spread around Pink in the world. Have a Great Pink Day!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday!

I am so excited this is my first Pink Saturday! I Love Hobby Lobby and it was so easy this week for me to find Pink. These are the new flowers I just got at the 50% off of florals at Hobby Lobby this week. I am totally a pink girl and have two little growing pink girls, much to the dislike of the guys in the family.

Now my oldest Daughter is obsessed with Pink Poodles. I got this cute Black Poodle for $2.08 at the Hobby Lobby on Clearance. Well of course I had to make it Pink!
(Kinda-of-OK Poodle)

(Totally Pretty In Pink)

(Pink "L" For My Miss Lily!)

This is a peek of what I have in mind for next week. It is a couple of sewing projects! I hope you have enjoyed a bit of the Pink in my life!

I just wanted to end this post with first saying Thank You to Beverly for having Pink Saturday,because I think every women should have a bit of Pink in her life.I wanted to leave you with my favorite quote."We love the things we love for what they are." Robert Frost.
Have a Happy Pink Saturday from My Blog to yours!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am Officially A Georgia Peach Now!

Well Matt took the day off yesterday. It would have been so much fun to have him do things on the Husband-To-Do List, but as it turns out it took all day for me to get my Drivers License and get our taxes done. I am not complaining because those are two totally huge things to have out of the way! It only took 5mo. to get the paperwork I needed from Indiana, you know because they have to make sure I am who I say I am. Well I was so happy about it I was smiling so hard and telling everyone that I finally got my license.

Well I am in Love with Gooseberry Patch. I don't know if many people know about them or not. They are the ultimate Stay-At-Home-Mom start up company. Well they have started an online newsleter every month and it is absolutely free. Click here for more info. It has instructions on how to make a coffee cozy out of felt. Now I don't drink coffee but I do hot chocolate and i think it would be fun to make some for some of my friends for Valentine's Day! They also had some great organizing ideas,plus some free recipes. I have quite a fev of there cookbooks and they are well worn. They have this old-fashion cookie cookbook that I love and my copy is almost falling apart. Well I just thought I would tell everyone about them. It is free and they are always looking for really good original recipes for their cookbooks and if they use your recipe then they send you the cookbook free! Well I hope everyone has a warm day. I am trying like mad to finish my pink item. I am going to start participating in Pink Saturday's. I will have a link up very soon for that!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Swap!

I am so excited! I am very, very new to the blogging world. I have been following a few peoples blogs and tons of our friends have them. Well I saw that poeple were doing these Swaps. Well they looked like so much fun. So on one of the blogs that I look at all the time suggested this Book Swap as a good one for as she called it "newbies". So this "Newbie" is excited and ready to go as soon as I get my partner! I will let everyone know how it all goes. So thank you Beth for the suggestion. I highly recommend taking a look at her Blog. I have enjoyed keeping up with her blog. Thanks Beth! I know I need to start signing up on peoples blog rolls. I promise I am going to start doing that very soon!

First Snow Here In My Part Of Georgia!

I have been almost snobbish and Proud lately, upon hearing all the snow that my friends in Utah and Indiana and Virginia have been having, and we are not. We have been wearing sandles and Capri's and shorts here for months. Now people from here think it is cold. Well all week the sun has been shining and the weather gorgeous. Yesterday was a fine example of the nice 70+ weather we were having. Well today now it is this. Now I am a Mid-West Girl at heart and Indiana snow would laugh at this, but it snowed here. It started to rain first and it isn't sticking, but Folks we got some Snow!