Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Living Room Re-do Cont. and Wooden Bowl Makeover!

I have to apologize for not being more regular with my postings as of late! I have been so busy and crazy. Between Doctors appointments and Swap packages and Tag swaps and trying to get a package together to send to my Sister and my Nephew. I have been literally Crazed! :) I feel like life has been going so fast lately and I have been unable to catch my breath! Well i have been rehabbing a few things. I am really determined to get my Living Room Done! I have been trying to put things together to have an On-line store. I have wanted to do that for a year and a Half now. My Sister-in-Law has a Etsy store but lucky for me we aren't selling anything alike. I have enjoyed doing these few Swaps. they are so much fun! Plus my Sister got Engaged and she is so happy. Which she totally deserves to be! Well I will show you what I have been up to lately!

Here is the 99 Cent wooden Bowl that I got at the salvation Army here in Dalton!

Here it is with a great coat of Barn Red on it! I totally Love how it turned out.

Awhile ago I told you i finally Painted my bare side table. Well this is the one side all done up!

This is the other side table all done and put together. I love this Black that I found it just really looks so good!

My Little Old Books I got for $1 a piece and the Stone bird I think I got him 3 years ago for $2 from the garden section at the Lowe's.

I have to tell you I got this cute Frame for $1 at the Walmart and it isn't cheap plastic. It is actually wood. I can't wait to do something with it!

I have been re-doing my Desk and prettying up some things I have recycled and reused! I will put up pics of it soon! Take Care and Thank You for stopping by and visiting! Come around again real soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Cozy Nest Giveaway!

Nicole, Over at Our Cozy Nest is having a giveaway! She makes these awesome Purses! She doesn't know this, but her blog is one of the first few that I started to look at before I started mine! I have admired her purses for awhile. So stop on by and Check Out her Blog it is really cool! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday! With Me and My Peeps!

Well it is another Pink Saturday! I look forward to Pink Saturday all week. So I pretty much have Pink on my mind all week. I have been trying to do alot of crafts this week. Mostly trying to finish up projects. Well this is what I finished Pink wise this week!

First I wanted to share with you my Fat Free Peep! I love, love, love Peeps! Well of course the Pink Bunny is my favorite Peep!

I got these really cool little buttons and so I decided I would make a bookmark with them. The middle button is actually shaped like a heart! It is a simple bookmark but I like how it turned out.

Here is a close-up of it!

I got this great picture in Virginia at my favorite Antique Mall! I think I paid a Dollar for her. I loved her little attitude she has! Plus I love that it looks like she has on an Easter dress. I just thought she was too cute to resist. So I color copied her and got out the scrapbooking supplies and just made an ornament, in Pink!

I got these cool Rub-Ons from Michael's for like under 50 Cents and had this Heart Box on my bedside table and decided it needed a little something.

I got this awesome frame on sale at Walmart. They were on clearance, so I had to get it. I took my favorite Picture of Miss Lily and took out my scrapbooking paper. Then printed of a huge L on Pink cardstock and just trimmed around it to give it a border. Then popped it into the frame.

Well I love ending Pink Saturday with the last Picture being of Miss Lily in some Pink! I wanted to Thank Beverly for Hosting Pink Saturday! So if you get a chance check out Her Blog and visit all the other Sweet People that are Participating! It is a wonderful Bonanza of Pink! The people are so creative and I love looking at everyone's Pinks! So Stop by and add a little Pink to your Day!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Pinks today! I hope you enjoyed it. Have a Great Day and Come Back very soon!

Happy 5mo. To Miss Lily!

Well it was 5mo. ago today that I met this beatuiful Little Girl. The preganacy was crazy and the labor was filled with crazy parts,but it was all well worth it to have this wonderful Little Girl here! She is always Happy and gives big smiles that light up a room! Even when she has been sick she still will give you a smile!

She is rolling around now, and she is sitting up by herself for brief times, and her new favorite chewy toy is her Feet! We are so blessed to have her sweet and gentle influence in the House everyday!
So here is to a Happy 5mo. and the rest of her life to come! Thank You Miss Lily for being part of our Family!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Partial Living Room Makeover!

Well I had finally found a black Paint that I liked, so i finally painted the sidetables in my Living Room. I am letting the second one dry. Once I put it in place I will take a picture of it all done and in place. Hopefully soon I will have the whole Living Room finished! I am hoping it will be done soon! It depends if the weather stays nice! I hope!

(before the Tables were painted and finally got up the big Picture)

The After! I love the Black. It just looks nicer than plain old pine!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Salvation Army Finds and Re-Do's!

I just went to our local Salvation Army, and got lucky I thought! I only spent 12 dollars! My favorite is this Chair I got for $5! It is a very sturdy and very Heavy Chair! It looks like someone took the time to strip it down to the raw wood there are remnants of old paint left in crevices. I am not sure if I am going to stain it or paint it Cream or something. I am not quite sure where I am even going to put it yet!

I got this cute candle crock for less than 50 Cents!

I got this carrot dish for 25 Cents. the paint has chipped off but the piece is in good shape, so I think I will sand it a bit to even it out and then paint it white!

I got 2 wood pieces there also! The wood bowl was only 99 cents! I think I am going to paint it Barn Red and put it in the Living Room with all my other Red things! I am not sure about the candle holder yet though.

Now I have been doing some quick re-do's the past couple of evenings! I have had these flowers in the vase for a while. These Flowers i got a few years ago at the Walmart for only $1 a bunch! I have had the ribbon left over from putting a Bow on a wreath with the same kinds of flowers on it. I just got the basket yesterday! The Hobby Lobby has baskets 50% off right now, so go raid there cool stash. I got this one for $2! I also had floral foam around. You can never have too much of that stuff on hand!

This is what I came up with! The weird thing is in person the Flowers don't look that far off in color. I really don't know what happened there, but I thought it turned out fun and easy! I am so getting ready for Spring! Well it doesn't hurt that here in the GA it got to 86 yesterday!

Now this shelf I got from the Salvation Army! It was like $3.99 I think! Well it was a bit beat up. Some of the swirls and the Ivy had fallen off at some point. Which is why it was probably at the Salvation Army to begin with. Well I decide to get out the Matte black Spray Paint and then I got a wonderful shelf!

(Oh I did pull the swirls and the Ivy off and sanded before Painting!) This shelf is going up in my kitchen over the sink! As soon as it is put up in its permanent home I will post it!

Well this is what I have been up to lately. Plus I am in the middle of sewing my first Rag Doll! Well it was going well but now the Hair has me totally stumped! LOL
So I will post my pathetic attempt soon I just have to get some Hair on the poor thing! I made her Dress Pink though I am hoping to have her done by Pink Saturday! We will see I might be too embarrassed by Her! :)

I Hope You have a Great Day! Thank You for stopping by and visiting Me for a bit!

Michael's Dollar Bins and Valentines Discounts!

Our Michael's store just restocked their Dollar Bins and discounted the leftover Valentine Stuff! I was So happy! I spent barely over $20 for everything!

I love the Rub-on's. I think they ended up being less than 50 Cents apiece! I couldn't not get them! There is a Rhinestone looking heart ornament that I ended up getting for 36 Cents!

They have the cutest Chipboard Scrapbooks in the Dollar Bin! I got one shaped like a house. I love the 2 green Lanterns. I am going to put battery operated tea lights in them. They just seem like such a Spring Green!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Skippy With His New Toys!

Well it has been awhile sense I put up anything about the Dog! First Yes we still have one! He isn't going to get much bigger than he is! The tennis ball he has sin't full size. We found these really cool mini ones for little dogs! He is weighing in at 5lbs now! What a beast we have! LOL :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Bit Of Spring For Pink Saturday!

Well it is another Pink Saturday! I am just glad to be feeling well and able to participate this week! Well Today was warm and beautiful outside. It made me so ready for Spring! So I am sharing a bit of Bright Spring things!

The Spring sign I got at Hobby Lobby! (of course, where else do I get most of what I buy! LOL)

I love these small plastic eggs! I thought that they were cute and where an inexpensive jar filler!

This is my Chocolate Bunny I painted. I actually am going to Prim him out, but thought he was cute and I hadn't made his tag yet, so I Pinked him out. I thought he was cute and total Fat Free Eye Candy! :)

I Love these paper napkins. My favorite flowers are Daisies. I Love Pink Gerbers! I am thinking of using these in a project soon! I will Post it when I get it done!

Well I wanted to end my Post with the cutest, smile ever! She is all ready for Spring! Thank you to Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday! It is always so much fun to look around and see How much Pink I really have in my everyday life! So I hope you have a Great Day Full of Pink and Spring thoughts!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Fun Finds!

Well after the Taxes was done I went to look at some of the local shopes here. I found this buffet and the child's wicker set! The buffet has 2 small drawers and is open on the bottom. So I am thinking of painting it Cream and then use either Pink Depression Glass pulls or Jadite Green Pulls. Reprodution though, can't afford the real thing! I am hoping after I paint the Wicker(I am thinking Pink!) , Miss Lily will have lots of Tea Parties with it! So now I am going to have to get some Tea Set!! Like I need an excuse to go shopping and Junking! I will let you see what I finally do with them!

Anyone For A Game of Chess?!

I am sure this picture is totally appealing! Well I have regular Tea Bags and Instant Coffee on my crafting shelf. Doesn't everyone?!!! Well anyway I don't drink Regular Tea or Coffee so I am sure non-crafty people are thinking O.K. what is she doing with those things on her shelf!

These Ribbons were too bright white! So I thought that the Coffee would soften them!
I wish you coule see better how nice it turned out!

She this corner of my shelf looked blank and kind of underdressed! This is the reason why I went and got the ribbon to begin with!

I think it looks tons better like this

A Happy shelf and A Happy Girl! I know it is a simple thing but it is enough of a little detail that I really think finishes it off!

Book Swap Goodies!

This was my first Swap of any kind Ever! I loved it I could not have picked a better Partner! Nicki at Mimi's Room was my Partner! Stop by her blog! She loves to read and her Grand kids are so Cute! I didn't take a picture of what I had sent her. I forgot I was getting Kidney Stones at the time and well I was just glad the package made it to the right House! I sent the book Bad Dog, Marley, and the grown up version for Nicki; Marley and Me. I was just hoping they enjoyed it as much as we do. That is always a concern when you are talking about Books! I knew that is a good one though!

This is what Nicki sent us! We got Two Books! I Love You Forever! Which is a fab. Book! Every Mommy should read it! Then Bread and Jam for Francis! Which is so cute! Francis is so Sassy and we Love Sassy over here! (Which has nothing to do with the fact that, hmm, the Mom over here is Sassy and so are her 2 baby Girls! LOL Poor Guys in the family!) The kids were so happy to find out that Francis has a series of Books. So we will be off to the library sometime this weekend I am sure!

The kids love to read, but lately their New thing is Who is going to read to Miss Lily! Even though she is only almost 5 mo. old she loves to be read to! She loved the pictures in Francis! She kept trying to grab it away!

Well I wanted to Thank Carrie at Reading To Know for hosting the Children's Book Swap! So if you get a chance stop by her Blog it is really cool! I wanted to Thank Nicki for all the goodies and to her Grand kids, Gracie and Ethan, for making the so Cute Bookmarks! I had so much fun and i think that it is good to have a great swap Partner! So if you get a chance check out their Blogs and see what they have going on!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Love of Painted Houses!

I got these houses when they had all the paper mache for 50% off. I liked them and thought they would look great on my side tables. So the pictures are showing them in a progression.

(The House all plain)
(The house with cream vellum covering the windows)

Well the House looked blank in the middle, so I used a mini wreath that I got for 50% off at Hobby Lobby! I just thought about it, What didn't I get at Hobby Lobby?!! LOL

I don't know if you can tell but I put battery operated tea lights inside the house to make it glow. The lights actually flicker! It looks great at night.

This is the small house that I did for the other side table. It has vellum also and also has the battery operated tea lights in it!