Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Girl Pink Saturday!

Well it is another Pink Saturday! I am totally doing an easy Post! I thought that I would take pictures of the Little Pink Baby Girl! I purchased this top at the TJ Maxx for $2.99. It was too cute to pass up! So I thought for this Pink Saturday I would do a few pics of Miss Lily all in Pink!
{What A Smile!}
{ This is her favorite thing to do as of late. Can't get the fingers out of her mouth!}

{Miss Lily attempting a Smile!}

{This really is showing her personality!}
I need to say Thank You to Beverly for hosting this wonderful event! Stop by her blog and take a look at all the other Pink girls and there blogs!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pillow Inspiration!

I was inspired by something I saw in the July Issue of Country Living! I loved the Post Card Pillow they show in this issue. I had come across quite a few scanned in copies of Post Cards!

I went to Walmart and purchased Ink jet Transfer Paper. It wasn't too pricey. I also am going to make a few more pillows and put them in a basket on my bedside table's self. Now I found this incredible Blog that has fun images and challenges on it. It is called Art-e-ology! I love it! The Artwork is amazing. Plus the images are too!

Now the thing about using the Iron-on transfer is that you need to have software that will print the image in reverse for you! Just a tip. You kinda don't want to waste the paper. :)

Here is my pillow all done. Ok so my Pillow skills are not the best. So don't look too close! LOL
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Unpacking Tips!

I have tons of packing tips, but I am eluded by the unpacking. I have no tips other than living in a Sea full of boxes. So I am in need of unpacking tips? So send me your ideas. Let me know what you do to get thru the whole process! I will be posting fun stuff very soon!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Cheap And Easy Moving Tips!

Moving is never an easy time for anyone. It is trying to tame a tornado into boxes!! :) I have had to move myself many times. I have picked up a few tricks that I thought would be helpful to pass on. First I always make sure I have plenty of packing materials. Wine boxes and other liquor boxes are really sturdy and great to hold books. Sturdy used boxes are always a great find!

I also use huge sharpies and try to color code each room. So in a glance you can tell right away that a box is in the wrong room without having to read what is in the box. I also develop a code that is simple and tells me what is in the box.

Now for my great cheap find, and I think my best tip is the packing paper. Call your local newspaper and ask if you could buy their END ROLLS! We got three and bought them for $1 a piece.

I actually got a good amount! There is no ink on these, so that it doesn't rub off on your stuff.

Well I hope this is helpful to make your next move a bit easier! Thank You for stopping by! Come back and visit soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Recession Spending!!

We out grew our old Dinner Table.It only sat 4 People at a time. I didn't have any money and I needed to get a new Table. There is a used Furniture Store. They Buy, Sell and Trade. Well I have noticed it is better to trade you get more for your money on a trade.

{This is the Table we traded}
{We recovered the chairs so that way the Trade was a better Value.}
This is my Fabulous New/Used Table! I am so In Love, Love, with this table. It is Traditional with a Modern Feel to it! The Chairs are beautiful and really heavy and Sturdy. Which is so in need with Kids!! :)
These are the cool chairs. I love the tops of the chairs. I Love the spindles.

I think that in today's economic times it pays off to use alternative forms of buying things. It never hurts to ask about trading. Well I am glad that I was able to get exactly what I want!
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday! Showing The Pink Love!

I know it has been awhile since I have been regularly posting. Well what a better way then to kick start myself again then on Pink Saturday! I made a necklace this week. I found this totally cool Phrase! It was befitting for Pink Saturday! "I'm In The Pink" I felt that it just says it all for me!! :)
I even used sheer Pink ribbon for the necklace.
The back shows, so I used a Glittery "J" !

I wanted to make each of the kids a small Initial wall in their rooms. This is one I did for Miss Lily!
I love the close up of the paper it is so sweet!

Well I had to end my Post with one of my favorite Pink Girls. I really need to get both of my Girls all dressed up in Pink and get a picture of it! Maybe even get a Pink shirt on my son! O.K. That might not go over too well!! LOL

I wanted to Thank Beverly for her hosting this wonderful event every Saturday! So drop by her blog and check it out and stop by and see all the other Pink Fun!!

Thank You to all of you that stop by and visit. I had oral surgery and then everyone got the stomach flu. {Even Miss Lily :( }
I have been so bad about getting back to everyone commenting. Thank You for your time and Patience with me.

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