Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Economy's Direct Hit!

This is a freebie I got from Dover. So click on it and then right click to save the Image. About 2-3 weeks ago Matt got laid off from his job. I was having such a good outlook that maybe the Economy wasn't going to hit me directly. Mind you I wasn't being arrigant. Just the feeling of safety, that Matt's job was secure.

So now I am off on a new adventure. I am basically moving to a place that I have felt was home for me. Indiana here I come. I am going to revamp my Blogs. So look for some fun coming. I have a renewed sense of hope. I am getting close to my 100th Post, plus my Blogaversary. So I am going to have some great giveaways. So please stick around, to check out the new Adventures that my life is bringing me.
I hope that your days are full of joy and love in the days to come.
I am off to pack up. Got a new house already to move into.
Pictures and more to come!
Have A Great Day!
Thank You for stopping by!
~ Jennifer