Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy One Year Pink Saturday Girls!!!

It is another Pink Saturday with the Girls! It is a very special Pink Saturday! It is One Year of Pink Saturday as a Group! Yay!!! Well my post isn't going to be too long. I want to go visit all the other girls and their Pinks today! This is a bit of my Art Work that I do on my other blog. The Rusty Tiara.
I just thought a bit of Pink Fairy-ness was in order for this special day! Go visit Beverly and all the other Pink girls. Beverly's blog is wonderful and the group of ladies is such a wonderful group to get to know.
Thank You for Stopping By! Have A Great Day Full Of All Kinds Of Pinkness!! I Know I Will!! :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Missed Milestones!

Well I have been very bad about keeping up on my blogs. Things are so crazy right now,that I am sure I would lose my head if it wasn't attached. Well there have been some major milestones happening here.

Alina turned 10 years old on Memorial Day. I have no idea were the time went. I feel that having Alina is a huge blessing I was given. It has been fun and amazing watching her grow. It is hard at times to feel like you really are getting through to your kids. Then they turn around and do something amazing or just help out without being asked. Then you realize that you are making a difference. You are there everyday letting them know they are loved. I think that when they know who they are, they blossom right in front of you.

We didn't make a traditional cake for her birthday. She wanted Giant Cupcakes. So I got a pan. She wanted Strawberry Cake, with Strawberry frosting, and Strawberry Milkshake Oreo's crumbled on top.
It had to have Pink candles! 10 wouldn't fit on the Cupcake so we put on as many as would fit! Then she tore into the presents.

Miss Lily has hit a few milestones lately. On the 13th she turned 7 months old. She is pulling herself up to stand now. {Totally scares me half to death too.} She is so proud of herself. At first we had a few knots on the forehead from falling over and bumping her head. It didn't stop this Girl! She is a determined Child! I love that about her. I love that my girls are strong, yet they have very soft sides as well. Miss Lily's smiles light up all our days. I tell you we all try very hard to make her smile all the time. How can you not love a baby girl Giggle!!

Have A Great Day! Thanks For Stopping By. Come Back And Visit Again Very Soon!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Idea!!

I stumbled across this Awesome Idea! It is how to save a Sewing Pattern.I thought that this is an amazing idea, because the tissue paper can so easily rip.

How to Save Sewing Patterns

An easy way to save sewing patterns for repeated use is by reinforcing the tissue pattern with fusible interfacing.  Other methods include the use of tracing paper, butcher paper, parchment paper, and commercial pattern paper.

How to fuse a tissue paper pattern piece to fusible interfacing:

  • Set your iron to dry.

  • Lay the fusible interfacing adhesive side up (the side that feels nubby) on the ironing board.

  • Place the pattern piece on top and press gently - do not slide the iron or the pattern may tear.

  • Lift the iron and move it around and press until the entire pattern piece adheres to the fusible interfacing.

  • Optional:  Press the pattern piece and the interfacing together before you cut out the pattern if possible.  It makes it easier to keep the iron from getting sticky, and to cut out the pattern

    I came upon this on a site called on Whip it The site is really cool. It is full of all kinds of info and tutorials.

    Well I hope this is helpful. Have A Great Day!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Great Weekend!

I think there is nothing better than a well spent weekend. It was a nice quite lazy weekend. I got to spend time with each of the kids and got to do things just for me. Saturday we went to the Library and checked out tons of books and DVD's and spent the rest of the weekend curled up with some really good books.

I got 2 things that I had really wanted for Mother's Day! The first is this Awesome Scrabble tile pendant! I have to get a good pic of all 3 of the kids for another one. Alina and Druce are going thru this, No more pictures, phase. The pendant is from Little Blue Bird Studios on ETSY. Here is the link: 

The pendant has one of my favorite pictures of Miss Lily on it! So stop by and look at all the fun things she has at her ETSY store.

My second gift is this Awesome purse.I was very lucky I got Terri as a Swap partner. She so spoiled us over here. Well I really have liked her blog. She has an ETSY store. I fell in love with this purse. She does such an incredible job on them.I have gotten so many compliments on it already! Here is the link to her ETSY Store. 
So stop by her blog and store and check out all the fun things she has going on.
Here is a front view of the purse!
Here is a side view of the purse.

These are Pictures of Miss Lily on Mother's Day. We had such an amazing relaxing day and it really showed on Lily's Face! Here are just a few of the wonderful Smiles I got on Mother's Day!

Thanks For Stopping By! I hope you have an Awesome Day! Spread some Joy around by just putting on a Smile! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to post a Warm Wish to all the Women out there! Happy Mother's Day to all of you!
Have an Amazing weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Froggy Bookends! Love These!!!

I love these when I saw them. I knew that they had to be painted though. I am going to use them to wedge on either side of some Magazine organizers. That I am hoping to have done soon. I am trying to finish setting up my Craft Table that I just made out of a Kindergarten Table top and some legs. I just need to paint the table then I will post some pics of it. I just got my cork board up.

Here it is just holding up some books! Testing to see how well they work!
All Painted up! I think the Black just makes them come to life. It makes you stop and really look at the detail on the carving.

Now I just need to work on the Pear Bookends that I found at the same Yard sale as these Frog Bookends. I was thinking that I really got a nice deal. Bookends can be a bit pricey and all I did was turn something made out of just wood and gave it some WOW!
 Thanks For Stopping By For A Visit. Please Come By and Visit Again Soon!

Pin Keep!

Well I got this at the Yard sales that we went to last Saturday! When I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I think it is an old toothpick holder. I think!

Here it is all done. I spray painted it black and used some Bee fabric I got at Wal-Mart. I think it is Mary Englebright Fabric. {I am not totally sure. So don't quote me on that.} :)
The little Pillows are actually my drawing and for the Eyes I used little buttons. Then of course, Coffee dipped the hole thing.
Here is the Pin Keep with it's Pretty Lid on. It was such a fun, and quick makeover.
Have A Great Day! Come Back for A Visit really soon!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Awesome Antique Sale! Calling All GA Girls and TN Girls!

I opened my May Country Living last night. I Have had it for a few days. Last night while cleaning up I found a whole pile of Magazines that I haven't Read yet.So last night I put the glasses on and curled up with them and found out something amazing! There is a 502 mile Flea Market and Tag Sale. From Meridian, Mississippi, To Bristol, Virginia. What Fun!! It is from May 14-17.

Click on their official Logo to go to their official site for the sale. There are also places to sign-up and advertise booths for the Sale!

I am so excited about this. So I am going to pack up the sunscreen and all the kids hats and Miss Lily and her Cute bucket Hat! :) We will blog about it when we get back!

Have A Great Start to Your Week!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday! Pink Daily Inspirations!

I am so glad that it is another Pink Saturday! I thought I would share with you a bit of the Pink that I see everyday! These Pictures hang in the entrance of my bedroom. I will not show you my unmade bed or Miss Lily's toys all over the place and how much of a slob I really am! :) 

I Love this poster. It is from one of my Favorite Films. There are many Films I love. This poster, I thought, was just beautiful. There is Pink all in it to highlight the picture. I love it!

This is a hand drawing of a ballerina. When I was 4 I started dance class. I love to Dance. Well my very best friend at the time took dance with me. Her Mom drew this picture for me. It is 3o+ years old. It has held up well I think! 

This is the rest of the wall. There is a pic with a paper shoe and it is covered in Pink and green beads. I painted the 2 mattes on it. The one closest to the shoe, green and then the Pink matte. The Black and white picture is a Picture of my 2 older children Alina and Druce. I took the picture years ago. I caught a great candid moment and I cherish that picture. I love being able to capture tender moments, that spark your memory every time you see them. 

Thank You for stopping by on another Pink Saturday! Stop By Beverly's Blog. She is the Host of this wonderful Day all of Pink! Go check out all the other Girls and there Pinks! 
Please come back and visit soon! Have A great Weekend! Remember It is all about the Pinks today! :)