Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Sweet Children!

I have had a hard week. Miss Lily has been sick the whole week. She has been running slight fevers and stuffy, runny nose. The house has been crazy and messy. I have totally been feeling sorry for myself. Then the other day I relized how really blessed I am with the children I have. The kids had gotten quite the other day, which set off my Mommy radar. So I tip-toed to see what they were doing and I found this. I had to take a pic of it. It really reminded me of how lucky I am no matter how hard of a day it has been, I really am blessed with the sweetest children!

Lily was sick in this picture and you could hear how congested she was, but she was still giving out smiles to everyone. I thought that the sick person wasn't suppose to do the cheering up! That smile alone makes every hard day melt away!
This pic I took like three days ago and she was so sick she fell asleep playing! I had to leave the room I was giggling so hard I thought I would wake her up! She really is such a yummy little thing!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I Have Been Tarting Up!

I have loved the Clearance aisle at the Hobby Lobby lately! I got a few things there for Cheap! Cheap! The Chess Pieces were this garish Gold finish. The crowns were also. I forgot to take a before, because they were so ugly I just wanted to cover them right away! When I took off the tape on the mirror Crown Tray it shows a spot of the former UGLY finish! None of these pieces cost more than 5 dollars.

( See Yucky Gold Finish!)

( A Crown Fit For The Queen)

( Front Of The Mirror Crown Tray)

( The Awesome Chess Pieces For The Chess Freaks In My Family!)
The Kids and Matt are the ones who play chess, I am just the cheerleader!
Now these signs I got for $1.50 a piece and then the first frame for $3.00 at Walmart,of course I had to paint it Pink! The second sign was the same price and the unfinished frame I got from Hobby Lobby for under 5 bucks! I am still figuring where they are going to go in the girls room, because I got this cute Pink Message Board I want to put up too!

This Poodle I got at Hobby Lobby for $2.08 isn't that a great deal. I am going to paint it Pink. Alina is obsessed with Pink Poodles! I will show you the end results when I am done!

I got this Crown ornament for my Bedside table. The stand for it was yucky gold again so I spray painted it and now it matches the Crown! I know I have a bit of a theme going on right now! I am Crown obsessed! Well that is what I have been up to lately. I am going to have to show everything off when I get It all put up!

Favorite Quote From 24 So Far!

My fave quote so far in 24 happened last night. Chloe was asked by Jack to put a tracking device on Prime Minister Matobo. As she was doing this He asked Chloe if she was with the FBI. Chloe got this great look on her face and said "No. I am just an at home Mom!" I totally love it! She is an at home Mom who is helping take down corruption in the Government. Of course doing it with Jack and Tony! Yay! For the Stay-At-Home Mom! You go Chloe! I am so loving this season of 24 it is shaping up to be the best so far. Thank Heavens we found out early that Tony is the good guy we know he is! I am staying tuned and glued to my seat!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The New Addition To The Family!

Santa brought us a New Addition to the Family for Christmas! That was so nice of Santa! Right??!! Something else that Mommy and Daddy have to feed and clean up after! We really do Love him!He is so so so tiny! He is so sweet-natured also. Which helps having 3 kids around all the time. We named him Skippy after Druce's favorite book Skippy Jon Jones. The book is about a Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua! So of course there was no other name to be had! We are puppy-pad training him. He is doing very well at it. Thank heavens! The Vet. said he is healthy and happy and is prob only going to be about 3lbs at most. (He was the Runt of the Litter) We love him anyway!

(Skippy Jon Jones Our Fave Book)
(Skippy! Our Fave Dog)

All our Little ones at Christmas!

Mr. Skippy the New Addition! He is a bit camera shy! He will have to change to fit in with this Family!

Happy 15 week B-Day Miss Lily!

Today the 26th is Miss Lily's 15 week Birthday! I can't believe it 15 weeks ago I was blessed with that beautiful smile! It doesn't seem like it has been that long. I am so thankful that she is healthy and happy and beautiful! Our cup runneth over with this little one in the family! We love you our little Lil-A-Bug!!!

A New Year, A New Me!

Well with my pregnancy I was really good this time. I only gained 34lbs. , compared to the normal 80-90 that I always did before. Well not only have I lost those 34lbs. I have lost a total of 55lbs. as of today! Well I haven't taken a pic of the now me alot slimmer I will have to and I will post it very soon. As the New Year rolled around I decided that with the losing weight and feeling good about it and my hair getting longer I decided to Die it, Red! As my Dad always use to say, that I have no idea what my natural color is anymore because I have died it way too much!

Alina's Baptism!

When we first moved to Georgia we were assigned a couple for our Hometeacher/Visiting Teacher by the Stake President, The Rhyne's. They were so wonderful to us. They really helped take care of us. They made sure our needs were being meet, and we have never felt more Loved. They totally spoiled us and were so doting on the Kids. The Kids totally fell in love with the Rhyne's. Well the whole thing surrounding Alina's Baptism was a craze of events and more craziness. The Rhyne's totally stepped in when Family couldn't make it to help in the day. It turned out very special. Plus Alina is wearing my Baptismal Dress that my Mother made for me. It was such a special day and I was so full of grateful tears and joy. I am so thankful for the gospel and the joys it brings to our daily lives! I am also grateful how the Lord puts people in your path to help you along life's journey. We are so grateful to the East Brainerd Ward for their Love and kindness and generosity. We Love and Miss them All!

Here She Is, Now She's Not! Here She Is, Now She's Not!

Well we are probably the only ones who are going to be amused by all of this! When we first bought the swing Lily was so tiny you could barely see her little head above the tray! Well of course now she is grown into it. When we first got the swing Matt and I laughed alot at how she would disappear. You would see her then all you would get were a pair of wiggling toes. It was the cutest thing!

(Lily Now)
(At first you see Her!)

(Now just Toes!)

The Kids First Day of School Here In Georgia!

When we first moved to Georgia we lived in a town called Ringgold! Before Christmas we had to move closer to Matt's work. It saved us so much money. This is the kids first day of school in Ringgold! We moved to a town called Dalton. The kids like the schools in Ringgold, but they love the schools here in Dalton. I am sorry I have no pics of the first day at the Dalton schools.

Alina's 9th Birthday!

Alina had her 9th Birthday Party 3 days before the Movers came to pack us up and move us! It was still a fun time and a last Hurrah before we left Virginia! The Theme to Alina's party was Party Like a Rockstar!
(These are the nifty invites the her Daddy made for her!)
(The girls playing Sing Star on the PlayStation 2)

You have got to love when a simple plan takes off! They were like this almost the whole party! It was great and Alina was so happy!

The girls had been planning the presents at school. They had all planned who was going to give Alina what. Alina had no idea they had done that. The other Mom's spilled the beans to me of all the phone calls and planning. It was so sweet that they wanted it to be special for Alina. I couldn't get a good pic of all the loot. They stayed that way till all the presents where opened.

(Of course what is a party without a dogpile!)

The cake exactly how Alina wanted it No writing and only candles!
Didn't I follow orders well!

The girls crafting jewelry out of beads!

Pizza and more singing! What a party! It was a great party and posting these pics made me miss all of our friends in Virgina! We miss all you guys!!

The Past Few Months!

I know that i am going to be committing a bunch of Blogging Faux Pas, but I want to get us all caught up and current and stay on top of things. That is a New Years Resolution I personally made. We have had a wild and crazy year. We find out we are pregnant and two weeks later find out we are moving to Georgia. Well the pregnancy had its ups and downs and so did the move. It all worked out in the end we are all here and Love living in Georgia. The next few pics I am going to put up are of the kids with Lily over the last few months.

(Druce being a great Big Brother!)

(Alina ever the Little Mother)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Introducing Miss Liliana Elizabeth!

On October 13th I went in to be induced. The Doctor felt sorry for me, which I was so grateful for. As we were waiting to check-in at Labor and Delivery a woman was having her baby and was screaming at the top of her lungs. It has been 7 years that since I have experienced any of this and basically started to have a panic attack. Poor Matt had to hold me up. Well they got my IV in and started me on antibiotics. Then the Pharmacist didn't like what my Doctor had prescribed for me due to my many med allergies. Well needless to say what my Doctor had prescribed I have had before and was not allergic too. The Pharmacist gave me something I had never had before. Then a few hours later they started me on the Petocin. I was doing well progressing nicely and the Doctor wanted me to deliver quicker than I was progressing so they were really upping the petocin and I was having tons of back labor, which I never had before. It was really intense, so I asked for my first ever Epidural. I loved it! I had been in constant pain for the last three months of pregnancy and now no pain it was amazing. Then they upped the petocin to levels they said they never would have if I hadn't had an epidural. Well the epidural stopped working and the pain was unbearable, so they asked me if I wanted another one. I said "Oh Yeah! Please!". In the process the Epidural doctor, or as I refer to him a Gem among men, ripped out my IV. The first IV took them about 45 min to get it in the first place. I am a very hard stick. Well he put in another IV and what they call a Dual-epidural. At this point I was 10 cm dilated and fully effaced and was ready to push. The Dual-epidural was amazing I didn't feel a thing the Doctor came in and I was cracking jokes and He was telling me to push and I was telling him I thought I was. Well whatever was in that was really good stuff. So after 2 pushes Miss Lily was out and screaming like a mad women. It was the most beautiful calamitist experience I ever went thru. After Lily was born I had an allergic reaction to the Antibiotic just like so many of the others I am allergic too, but I didn't care because She was here and health and it was all over. I am so thankful that it was all ok and that the members here in Georgia were so supportive and spoiled us so much. I felt so undeserving of the blessings that were poured out upon us.