Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flea Market Finds!

Well, the kids and I ventured out today. I have actually set up a nest in the Living Room since the kids started school over a week ago. I need Fresh Air, Food, laughter and most of all 3 kids by myself. Leashes! LOL Ok Just kidding before someone calls Child Services on me! Well there were tons of Vendors with food and all kinds of things. It is basically a huge organized Yard Sale. It is amazing and it was hot and I got some sun! I ended up, with buying drinks, only spending $10! I was so proud of myself!

First off Yes those are Real Georgia Peaches Ya'll!!! The fresh green beans and white potatoes are going to be Sunday Dinner with my nice Roast!

Ok. Now if you get scared easily turn your head Now! I got this diamond in the rough for $2. I know your thinking U-G-L-Y! Wait Picture it after me and my Spray Paint get to it! I am going paint it this afternoon. Well maybe after I hit the Sonic for Happy Hour! I need some powerful Picker- upper after a Sunny filled Day!

Thanks for stopping by and Have an Awesome Fun and Sun filled day! If it isn't Sunny where you are I will send the wonderful Georgia Sun your way!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miss Lily is 10 Months Old!

I know that lately my posts have been about the kids. I had to post that Miss Lily is 10 months old today! I love being able to have this as a memory looking back. She has changed so much. She is such a sweet and fun spirited child. She laughs all the time. {Although as I am posting this she is tired and fighting sleep} Figures that they know your talking about them and how cute they are, and they prove you wrong!!
I can't imagine it without this wonderful little Girl! Her brother and sister think she hangs the Moon. Lily feels the same way about them. I really don't take any credit for how my kids are. I swear they are these wonderful little people in spite of their Crazy Mom!! All kidding aside, I feel lucky everyday to have my children in my life everyday!

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Have A Great Day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing with the Girls!

I thought it was so cute today. Druce was asleep and the Girls wanted to play with Skippy! Lily is walking around holding onto things really well now. Skippy has grown too. I love how well they were playing together. Skippy kept licking Lily in the face and then running off. Of Course she was giggling so hard! It was the sweetest thing. I just had to share, it seemed like a shame to keep it all to myself!
Lily coming to me after she was totally done with the dog!

A full picture of her standing! :) I am proud. After this picture was taken she fell over. At least I got the shot!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sick Computers And What To Do!

Well as you know I have had quite a rough weekend with my computer!! Well anyway it is all ok now. Just had some nasty Malware on the computer. For those of you{Like me} who are totally computer challenged, there are awesome programs out there. Well first off Malware is what they use to call a Trojan Horse. Well getting Malware on your computer can be a big problem. It also can slow your computer way down and redirect you to different websites. It can also get you to a point of locking your computer down. There are many Programs that will give you free scans and removal. This is great to try, because they basically are giving you a free trial of their product! Most of these services are very reasonably priced. So find one that works for you!
So healthy surfing to you all! Be Careful out there!
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Computer Problems!

For whatever reason I am having major computer problems. I was unable to get my Pink Saturday Post up. I am having to post this not at home. So I only have a few minutes to put it together. I am hoping to have this taken care of by Monday!

Have A Great Weekend!