Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fun With Photoshop!

Ree from The Pioneer Woman, does amazing and fun things. She has a wonderful site full of things to explore. What I am doing the post on is specific to Ree's photography work. She has created filters, plus has tutorials that help you navigate some difficult things on Photoshop. It is so wonderful to have people that help and share their knowledge to achieve beautiful things.

This is my before Photo with the kids. Not too bad. This is right by our church building. I have always liked this spot. I actually took this picture in the exact place I had my engagement photo taken. 12 years ago the fence wasn't there and the trees were much fuller then.

{The Before shot! Not a bad picture at all.}

Here is the amazing after! I really liked the picture before, Now I love, love, love it! I have to Thank Ree for sharing her skills and knowledge to make this picture Sparkle. Take a look at her site and see what else she has to offer!
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  1. It's beautiful Jennifer. I love the after picture.

    Is that outside the church that we went to as kids? If so, that's where we got engaged. :)

  2. I don't think I ever said thanks for the pictures that you sent us of the DC Temple. Thanks for doing both versions. I love them both and can't decide which one is my favorite. I just might have to hang both of them in our home. Sorry I didn't say thanks earlier...I'm a slacker sister. :)